Hardware Solutions

To help drive your business forward, we deliver efficient and streamlined hardware solutions tailored to your needs.

Hardware Repair

Our repair experts are trained to diagnose and resolve even the most perplexing hardware issues. We will get you running again with both speed and expertise.


We have a huge selection of printer labels and other consumables available to ensure you never run out of what you need.


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Asset Maintenance Tracking

Efficiently track and schedule maintenance for equipment, fixtures, and IT assets. Maintain accurate information across multiple facilities and locations.

Asset Management

Check assets in and out, assign due dates, and generate reports for accountability. Receive timely notifications for maintenance or replacement needs.

Auditing and Mobility:

Easily move assets between locations. Conduct audits using barcodes or RFID tags and generate comprehensive reports.


Track your company’s assets effortlessly with our program. Gain insight into their physical locations and value for tax depreciation purposes, adhering to current tax laws. Our application empowers users to assign assets to specific sites, locations, or departments, and categorize them accordingly. Assets can be allocated to individuals or designated areas, with the flexibility to be checked out and back in. Stay informed with alerts for expiring warranties, leases, and due maintenance. Detailed reporting provides a clear overview of asset status, while audit functions ensure accuracy in asset inventory. Manage asset donations and disposals seamlessly. Plus, easily track broken, lost, or found assets for comprehensive asset management.

Meet the team

With 40 years in the auto ID industry he is uniquely qualified to assist with any application needs.



The author of ConnectPLUS and many custom solutions Mark can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to application solutions.



April Smith has served as the Chief Executive Officer at Vista IT Systems since 2013, building client relationships, representing the organization at trade shows and conferences, guiding growth strategies and serving—as so many small-business owners do—as a bit of a “jack of all trades” to keep operations running smoothly. 

April’s specific area of expertise lies on securing and managing contracts for government agencies. Her years spent in the accounting and legal fields helped hone April’s strict attention to detail and understanding of compliance matters. At home, she enjoys spoiling her pets—the family cat, Rascal, and dog, Jasper.

April Peyton


Jasper joined Vista early in his career in 2020, and has since demonstrated unusual skill in boosting morale across the team. When he isn’t managing a packed schedule of one-on-one staff check-ins, Jasper enjoys demonstrating self-care habits, like taking a walk in the fresh air or indulging in a quick power nap. His greatest aspiration is helping Vista land a customer in the prestigious squeaky toy manufacturing sector.

Jasper Peyton

Morale Officer

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